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Date: Mon Mar 22 2004 - 17:58:37 EST

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    At 22:13 +0000 2004-03-19, Marion Gunn wrote:
    >Ar 03:17 -0800 2004/03/18, scríobh Peter Kirk <>:
    >>An alternative for Marion, if her company still has rights to the fonts
    >>which it so expensively developed to serve her country, would be to
    >>distribute those fonts widely (and that probably means free of charge)
    >>in Ireland and among others who might want a Celtic type script, and to
    >>promote them heavily among those interested in authentic Irish script.
    > >Giving away good fonts is more likely to work than boycotting bad ones.
    >I agree.
    >The only difficulty, Peter, is that, whereas the earliest versions of the
    >better fonts bear my company's copyright notice, that notice is missing
    >from versions of those same fonts produced in latter years. If you can
    >persuade the company whose copyright notice they currently bear to agree to
    >your proposal, as set out above, mine will not object to that.

    This is rather puzzling. What fonts would these be, specifically?

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