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Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 11:31:29 EST

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    > > Which scripts are written bottom to top in vertical layout?
    > The Unicode bidi faq tells that ancient Numidian was written bottom to
    > and the Egyptian hieroglyphics could go basically in any direction. Then
    > it also says that developers shouldn't really worry overmuch about these.

    It also doesn't account for boustrephedon writing direction either.
    If Moon Code [1] is ever added as a Unicode script, then Unicode
    may need to deal with the fact that this script is written today using
    boustrephedon. The other boustrephedon scripts are, if I remember
    correctly, either ancient and/or also usable with a non-boustrephedon
    writing direction. On the other hand, it might just leave this detail to
    a higher level protocol.


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