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Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 16:43:17 EST

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    > By the way, while Peter Constable noted that
    > "the interaction of a boustrophedon with bidi is a valid issue."
    > I would contend that that is at the higher level where bidi
    > interacts with the line layout mechanism that determines the
    > directional context, rather than inside the bidi algorithm itself...

    I was simply suggesting that there may be issues there to consider, but
    not necessarily implying that the bidi algorithm needed to address in
    any way interactions between boustrophedon and non-boustrophedon text. I
    *could not possibly* suggest that until I had some idea of what the
    expected behaviour should be. I'm not aware of there being any
    conventionally-defined behaviour for interaction between strong LTR or
    RTL text and boustrophedon text. The requirements have to be defined
    before a solution can be architected. And as you go on to point out...

    > Besides, this is really a very, very marginal concern. All real world
    > exemplars of boustrophedon are *not* bidirectional text, and all
    > real world exemplars of bidirectional text are not laid out in
    > boustrophedon. Why? Well, because it would be a stupid thing to
    > do and give readers and writers headaches.

    it's not obvious that requirements do exist.

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