Re: Urdu Unicode website [Was: Novice question]

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 17:23:13 EST

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    From: "Peter Constable" <>
    > > From: Peter Kirk []
    > > Does it include input methods for all of the letters used in Urdu?
    > > Antoine pointed out to me that the Arabic (101) keyboard which I
    > > mentioned does support all of these methods. Or are you calling
    > > Character Map an input method?
    > No, I wasn't counting CharMap. I don't know what all characters are used
    > in Urdu. The info at
    > indicates that the Arabic (101) keyboard is the default on Win2K for
    > Urdu.

    In my Windows XP, I have four keyboard layouts proposed for the Urdu language:
    "Arabic (101)", "Arabic (102)", "Arabic (102) AZERTY" and "Urdu", plus the
    keyboards for the Brahmic/ISCII transliterations in India, and the Tavulesoft
    "Urdu" keyboard layout, all of which can be added simultaneously to the language
    bar are selected from there. Isn't that enough?

    I don't see where is the issue there. May be it's only for Windows 2000 (and of
    course Windows 9x/ME which does not support easily multiple layouts, and where
    Tavulesoft Keyman is probably a good solution).

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