Re: vertical direction control

From: Ernest Cline (
Date: Thu Mar 25 2004 - 00:41:47 EST

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    > From: John Cowan <>
    > Kenneth Whistler scripsit:
    > > It ought to be spelled: HuhRODuhduhs
    > But those d's aren't diaphonematic. My correspondent's a Brit, and
    > he spotted the error immediately, because of course there's no
    > neutralization for him.

    And dhat's wot stans in dhee way uv spelling reeform.
    Inglish haz too menee dielects too enaybul enee singul
    won uv dhem too bee youzd az u baysis for u reeform
    dhat wood bee akseptuble too awl uv dhe udherz. Awlsoe,
    nun uv dhem iz powerful eenuf too bee forst upun dhee
    udherz. If insted uv Inglish, wee had British, Umerikan,
    Awstrailyun, et seteru, it miet bee possibul too establish
    foenetik spelling for eech uv dhe noo langwajes, but I
    dowt if dhat wil happen enee tiem soon, if at awl.

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