Re: How to get a Bidi Override with PUAs?

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Mar 25 2004 - 04:49:19 EST

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    From: "Rick McGowan" <>
    > Philippe Verdy asked:
    > > What is, in Unicode the BiDi behavior of PUAs?
    > Read the documentation, Philippe. UAX #9 and the UCD tell you some info
    > about the bidi behavior of PUA characters; and if you then go look at the
    > data file, in 30 seconds you can find:
    > E000;<Private Use, First>;Co;0;L;;;;;N;;;;;
    > F8FF;<Private Use, Last>;Co;0;L;;;;;N;;;;;

    I know that they have default values. That's not the problem and not the
    question which was:
        How to get a Bidi OVERRIDE with PUAs?
    The term OVERRIDE is important here.

    I just wonder why I can't force this property notably on PUAs where the strict
    BiDi rules SHOULD be relaxed, and what I could do to get a RTL presentation of
    these characters. I never said that IE was not conforming, but that PUAs which
    can't be defined for RTL characters are a great source of "frustration" as
    Kenneth said.

    Isn't there a format control that works to _force_ a RTL behavior on PUAs (or
    other characters...)?

    Should then I use non standard assignments in reserved areas or over an existing
    RTL block, so that my doc would no more be conforming to the encoding model?

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