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From: Antoine Leca (Antoine10646@leca-marti.org)
Date: Thu Mar 25 2004 - 11:43:48 EST

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    Hi Peter,

    On Thursday, March 25, 2004 2:19 PM
    Peter Kirk <peterkirk@qaya.org> va escriure:

    > On 25/03/2004 03:33, Antoine Leca wrote:
    >> As Peter correctly noted from day 1, all this stuff is not very
    >> important, since Urdu users really expect nastaleeq style, so either
    >> they are not using Urdu support, or they use proprietary solutions
    >> which extent remains to be explained by competent persons.
    > There are Unicode Nastaliq fonts available,

    Good to know. As I said, the point is to know to what extent they are used.

    >>> (and of course Windows 9x/ME which does not support easily
    >>> multiple layouts,
    >> What it does not support easily are other scripts like Gurmukhi or
    >> Bengali, particularly on input ;-).
    > I disagree. There is no reason why these scripts cannot be displayed

    Sorry Peter. I was refering myself to inputing. I know very well that
    displaying is no problem for a long time (since IE5, in fact).

    On another forum (dealing with fonts) I see every other week a request from
    some Indian asking Microsoft to enable Windows 9x to input in some way Indic
    scripts. This is happening for many years. Clearly, Microsoft will not
    release that. Since in fact this is not very complex given what is currently
    available, I believe this is a deliberate move from the part of Microsoft.

    So as a result, and trying to get back at the original question, we have:

     - for any serious use with the language, this will require inputing data,
    and thus Windows 2000 at the very least (and more likely XP according to
    Peter Constable), XP sp2 for Bengali

     - if we are referring only to casual browsing, then downloading specific
    fonts is not an option in my eyes, so again we are stuck, this time by the
    fonts, to 2000/XP/XPsp2 according to the language (except perhaps Punjabi
    written in Arabic script, which might be easier). Here obviously font hacks
    and similar (iPLugin, EOT, etc.) is an alternative to Unicode worth

     - for the serious reader but without any input (would be the case for an
    extranet where any input would be only numbers), then yes this might be
    accomodated using less powerful platforms, and typically Windows 9x, with
    these additional points:
        a) required downloading of some additional fonts in addition to default
        b) for Urdu and Penjabi, perhaps upgrading of IE to some version (to
    obtain the correct version of USP10.DLL); at least IE5 (released 1999)
        c) for Bengali only, also required downloading [and installation...] of
    an updated version of USP10.DLL, still to be published furthermore, the
    legality of which action I have no clue about. Or alternatively a future
    version of IE might furnish this, but I am not sure at all that these
    versions will be able to install on Win98 or Me (I am sure they won't
    install on 95). Here I will not hold my breath.
    Once the update is done, Opera should work, and I expect Gecko should as
    well. Not tested, though.


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