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From: Ernest Cline (
Date: Fri Mar 26 2004 - 17:03:40 EST

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    > There are millions of fonts out there with variations of the zodiac. Font
    > shifting would seem to be the correct answer to implement glyph
    > there. (A wrong font will ruin the mood, but not change the identity of
    > symbol). Math, and some linguistic notations are the opposite: a wrong
    > font, and you lose the
    > meaning of the text.

    It would be nice tho, if there was something like a Private Variation

    Consider for example, a font that offered both of the common glyph
    variants of PLUTO. At present, one would be have to be encoded as
    U+2647 and the other as a private use character, say U+E647. If a
    Private Variation Selector were available, then one could encode
    for that font, one form as U+2647 PVS1 and the other as U+2647 PVS2.
    Thus, even if the document was then rendered using a different font,
    the connection to PLUTO would still be kept no matter which glyph
    for PLUTO was used by the author, altho the desired glyph might not
    be shown. One could perhaps use the existing Variation Selectors
    to do this unofficially, but that is not sanctioned by Unicode. Indeed,
    a conforming implementation would have to render them the same
    as if no variation selector was present. Perhaps the added variation
    selectors on Plane 14 could be turned over to this usage, as it
    seems doubtful that they will ever be used for official variations,
    or a row of Private Variation Selectors could be added
    as U+E01F0 to U+E01FF.

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