Re: Why is U+17C1 of General category Mc while U+0E40 and U+0EC) are of category Lo ?

Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 12:42:50 EST

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    Patrick Andries scripsit:
    > Small question again.
    > Why is U+17C1 KHMER VOWEL SIGN E of General category Mc (Mark, Spacing
    > Combining) while similar signs in Lao and Thai, related scripts, are of
    > General category Lo (Letter, Other) ?
    > See U+0E40 THAI CHARACTER SARA E and U+0EC0 LAO VOWEL SIGN E, I believe
    > these signs are also placed on the left of the consonant affected.

    Thai (and Lao, whose encoding closely parallels that of Thai) are
    encoded in Unicode on unique principles: by a straight left-to-right
    typewriter-style encoding. This was done for compatibility with the
    pervasive Thai 8-bit standard. It also means that for collation purposes
    what are historically left-side vowels must be moved after the following

    Note that the Thai characters are not labeled LETTER or VOWEL SIGN or
    what have you, but simply CHARACTER.

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