Re: [Slightly OT] Font examiner program/utility?

From: Kino (
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 13:54:58 EST

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    On Mar 30, 2004, at 02:14, Séamas Ó Brógáin wrote:

    > Edward H. Trager wrote:
    >>> Does anyone know of a good program for examining fonts? What I am
    >>> looking for is some way to, given a font, find out both the glyphs
    >>> contained and the code points (bad term?) at which those glyphs are
    >>> situated. Ability to read hinting/shaping tables a bonus.
    >>> Suggestions?
    >> In my quick review of responses to your question, I believe you have
    >> only received suggestions regarding programs on the Microsoft
    >> platform. On Linux, "pfaedit" is the program to use . . .

    Binary for OS X is available with PfaEdit or rather FontForge. X11 is
    required. There's a non-X11 package but anyway...

    > And for the Macintosh there is Fontchecker
    > (
    > f=1&tab=MacX&nav=abCde&page=fc).

    Hiya Séamas ;-) I'd like to recommend you to try Unicode Font Info if
    you have not.

    On OS X, you can extract cmap table -- "code points" -- and other
    tables from a font by ftxdumperfuser included in Apple Font Tools.
    Released in Jaguar days but work fine with Panther.

    You can use FontLab as a font viewer having useful features in demo
    mode. Dunno about Windows version though.


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