Re: Printing and Displaying Dependent Vowels

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Tue Mar 30 2004 - 08:39:26 EST

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    At 07:31 -0500 2004-03-30, John Cowan wrote:
    >Peter Kirk scripsit:
    > > Yes it is, in Unicode 4.0.0. Ernest quoted from UAX #14 "All other space
    > > characters have fixed width." This may be in the standard by mistake,
    >> but it is in the standard. Asmus says that this will be changed in
    >> 4.0.1, but that has not yet been released. If a statement is written in
    >> a standard, even in the introduction to a different section, that is
    >> normative.
    >This is just false. All standards known to me have both normative and
    >informative parts; there can be no presumption that a certain text is
    >normative merely because it is in the standard.

    John is correct here, but it is also true that "All other space
    characters have fixed width" is a fairly strong declaration.

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