Re: Windows and Mac character encoding questions

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Tue Mar 30 2004 - 19:42:13 EST

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    From: "Kenneth Whistler" <>
    > > Also RFC 1345 indicates that the standard C0 and C1
    > > control sets of ISO 6429 (ECMA-48) are used with ISO 8859-1, but I
    > > can't be certain if that is just the usual assumption or explicitly given
    > > in ISO 8859.
    > It has nothing to do with ISO/IEC 8859-1:1998, per se.

    May be you could have corrected the "ISO 6429 (ECMA-48)" equivalence.

    From what I read in ECMA-48, fifth edition, it extends the 4th edition which was
    approved in ISO 6429.

    But I don't think that the amendments in ECMA-48 for bidirectional controls
    where included in a later edition of ISO 6429 for now.

    Interestingly, I don't know if those controls added in the 5th edition of
    ECMA-48 are encodable directly with Unicode, given that the "Bidi" controls that
    are implemented are not completely equivalent to the Unicode Bidi format
    controls (or at least I can't find a mapping for them because names don't

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