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From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 14:51:51 EST

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    On 31/03/2004 10:44, Mike Ayers wrote:

    > ...
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    > > Well, I don't quite see why it is business sense for software
    > > companies
    > > to support the huge PUAs for variant CJK characters, outside
    > Support? ROFL! Call up one of those companies and tell them
    > that you are having trouble displaying PUA fonts, eastern or
    > otherwise. I'd like to snoop on that call.

    Well, "support" has a range of meanings. Call up one of those companies
    and tell them you are having trouble with one of the Indic or SE Asian
    scripts which they do claim to support, and I suspect you will discover
    what that support really means in practice - unless you can get through
    to the specialised development team. What I meant by "support" in this
    case was more that in the UTC they voted in favour of assigning two HUGE
    PUAs, consisting of more than one eighth of the entire Unicode code
    space, for variant CJK characters; and that in practice these characters
    can be displayed successfully with a variety of software from these
    companies. If CJK merits more than 100,000 PUA characters as well as a
    similar number of defined characters, why can't a measly two or three,
    or better 256 or so, be allowed for RTL languages and for combining marks?

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