Re: What is the principle?

From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 20:54:48 EST

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    Philippe Verdy wrote:

    >This seems highly excessive. We already have plenty of PUA space. All what we
    >need is a standard way (file format? protocol?) to transport PUA character
    >properties, and possibly encode a reference (URI?) to the definition file or
    >service. If Unicode does not want to do this job, at least it could participate
    >in such independant development by commenting about the protocol/format used to
    >encode these properties (notably to make sure that the system remains extensible
    >and can encode new properties that may be added later).
    XML is supposed to solve all the world's other information-transfer
    problems; maybe it works for this too.

    There's probably a lot of programming complexity in getting this to work
    (I dunno, compile it into an OT table on the fly? Or can it all be in
    OT somehow?), and I'm not sure that anyone can make such a standard, and
    if so it probably isn't Unicode. But it would be the most flexible
    solution to the problem, if it could be done.


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