Re: Much better Latin-1 keyboard for Windows

From: Donald Z. Osborn (
Date: Sun Jul 18 2004 - 09:44:27 CDT

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    Thanks for this info. I've been used to thinking in terms of deadkeys or
    Alt(Gr)- combos as alternative approaches, each with different advantages. For
    me using an Alt(Gr)- combo as a deadkey seems to defeat the advantage of having
    an AltGr key: In non-English European language keyboard layouts of course it
    permits access to accented characters without use of deadkeys.

    I do agree that the deadkeys in the US International keyboard can make typing a
    little tedious, but it is quick (once you get used to it).

    I guess the advantage of the technology is that it permits a lot of solutions
    for different needs and preferences.

    I'll cc to a12n-collaboration, where there have been discussions on the Alt-
    combo vs. deadkey solution with regard to extended character & diacritic needs
    of African languages (which go well beyond Latin-1 in many cases).

    Don Osborn

    Quoting John Cowan <>:

    > is a page about
    > (and a link to) a truly excellent Windows keyboard driver that
    > provides full access to the Latin-1 range but is completely compatible
    > with the US-ASCII keyboard except for AltGr (the right Alt key).
    > All non-ASCII characters and dead keys are available there: for
    > example, to get , one types AltGr-` followed by a.
    > I can't recommend this too much; I immediately dropped both the US-ASCII
    > and US-International keyboards, which I have been using in alternation.
    > The only (very minor) problem with it is that for some reason it messes
    > up Ctrl-Shift and Ctrl-nonletter key combinations.
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    > "Well, I'm back." --Sam John Cowan <>

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