Re: Eudora 6.2 has been released

From: Paul Hastings (
Date: Wed Nov 17 2004 - 20:54:47 CST

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    Christopher Fynn wrote:
    > On PC's MS Outlook Express also works very well with Unicode - though
    > some people have security concerns about it.

    day before yesterday i had to test a few email clients and webmail for
    unicode support and:

    the email list "view" in OE doesn't support unicode for the subject
    (known issue,;en-us;324603). the
    preview pane & the email itself (ie double clicking to read the email)
    does though. and as you've said, thunderbird works plenty fine. using
    firefox 1.0, gmail works fine. hotmail works though hotmail has no
    obvious encoding hints and you have to manually set the browser's
    encoding. interestingly, the "today" page comes up as utf-8 encoding but
    the email list and email pages come up iso-8859-1.

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