Re: Unicode Support For Netware

From: SyP (
Date: Mon Nov 22 2004 - 13:26:55 CST

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    Dear Kumar, Aditya,

    2004.11.22., 14:07 you wrote:

    > I have some queries regarding UNICODE support for Netware. I hope someone will clarify my doubts.
    > I want to know that whether Netware supports Unicode? If yes then
    > what versions of Netware support and to what extent i.e. is the
    > support full or partial?

    I'm no Novell expert, but a quick search on the web revealed:
    It says Netware 6.5 supports the client using full unicode (utf-8)
    filenames without first mapping them to a local code page.

    It seems to me that older Netware versions couldn't do that.


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