Exporting Unicode UTF-8 from Word (was: Re: utf-8 and unicode fonts on LINUX)

From: Christopher Fynn (cfynn@gmx.net)
Date: Mon Nov 22 2004 - 14:41:51 CST

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    Cristian Secarã wrote:

    > On Mon, 22 Nov 2004 13:38:04 +0100, kefas wrote:
    >>I tried UTF-8 export to send an e-mail that contained
    >>several scattered unicode codepoints from the full
    >>16-bit range from oooo to ffff from XP+Word [...]
    > Just curious - how do you export UTF-8 from MS Word ? AFAIK, the only
    > way to do that is to copy from Word & paste to Notepad, then save as
    > UTF-8.
    > Alternatively, copy from Word & paste to e-mail recipient, whose
    > encoding is set to UTF-8.
    > Hm ?
    > Cristi

    If you have a Word document with Unicode characters
    choose: File Save As, Save as type: Plain Text
    enter a file name, and click on "Save"

    This should bring up a "File Conversion" dialog
    which says: "Warning: Saving as a text file will cause all formatting,
    pictures and objects in your file to be lost"
    Under this it should say:
    "Text Encoding:" followed by three radio buttons
    o Windows (default) o MS-DOS o Other encoding

    Select: Other Encoding

    This should activate a list box at the right containing names of
    numerous code pages and character encodings. Scroll right down and you
    will find:

    Unicode (Big Endian)
    Unicode (UTF-7)
    Unicode (UTF-8)

    Select "Unicode (UTF-8)" and Click OK

    - Chris

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