Re: My Querry

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Tue Nov 23 2004 - 16:04:00 CST

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    RE: My QuerryMike Ayers wrote:
    > As above, my bad. I meant that it is fully coimpatible with "8 bit
    > ASCII", 8 bit code in which the lower 128 code points are as defined in
    > ASCII, and the upper 128 code points are treated opaquely.

    Probably as bad as well: ASCII (more exactly the US version of the ISO 646
    standard) is a 7-bit charset, and says nothing about possible upper bits...
    So it defines only code units between 0 and 127, and no mapping for larger
    code units outside of this range, or the usage of other bits. ASCII can be
    used within more complex encodings, with or without an offset (see ISO
    2022's usage of ASCII for example).

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