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Date: Thu Nov 25 2004 - 11:21:38 CST

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    Dear Pragati,

    You can write your own conversion, of course. The mapping tables of Unicode->SJIS are readily availably. You should note that there are several vendor specific variations in the mapping tables. Notably Microsoft code page 932, which is often called Shift-JIS, has more characters in its character set than "standard" Shift-JIS (and it maps a few characters differently too...)

    The important fact that you should be aware of: Shift-JIS is an encoding of the JIS X0208 character set. UTF-8 is an encoding of the Unicode character set. The Shift-JIS encoding contains about 9,000 characters. Unicode (and thus its encoding UTF-8) contains about 93,000 characters. There will not be a mapping to SJIS for every Unicode character.

    Hope that helps.

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        Can anyone please tell me how to convert from UTF-8 to shift-JIS?
      Please let me know if there is any formula to do it other than using readymade functions as provided by pearl. Because these functions do not provide mapping for all characters.

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