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From: Donald Z. Osborn (dzo@bisharat.net)
Date: Fri Nov 26 2004 - 02:54:11 CST

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    FYI, a recent localization development workshop in Warsaw (20-22/11/04)
    discussed a number of issues relating to software and documentation
    localization and produced a wiki and other resources. The appended announcement
    and request for input may be of interest to list members involved in this

    Don Osborn


    Announcing the LocalisationDev.org Wiki and Planet Localisation
    We Heartily Invite Your Participation and Contributions!

    The first Localisation Developers Sprint took place in Warsaw, Poland from 20 to
    22 November, 2004. The event brought together a diverse group of leaders and
    innovators in software and documentation localisation for the NGO sector to
    share experiences, compare projects and practices, and document the same. The
    Sprint was organised by Aspiration (http://www.aspirationtech.org) and Tactical
    Tech Collective (http://www.tacticaltech.org).

    The goals of the Localisation Sprint were three-fold:

    * Individuals working in the localisation field rarely enjoy the opportunity to
    convene, grow relationships and collaborate on applied projects; the sprint
    provided a venue for enhancing the social network of localisation practitioners
    while focusing on concrete outcomes.
    * Participants mapped out the localisation landscape, from tools to guides to
    practices; many exciting projects and initiatives are underway around the
    globe, but few top-down views exists into the range of projects.
    * Participants laid the foundation and initial groundwork for curricula designed
    to educate developers, technical intermediaries and funders in the best
    practices and sustainable processes for localisation in a broad scope of
    technology and documentation contexts around the globe. The curricula will see
    their first use at Asia Source in January 2005 (tacticaltech.org/asiasource),
    an event bringing together NGO technology activists and intermediaries from
    Southeast Asia to discuss free and open source software deployment for civil
    society organisations in the region.

    All materials generated at the sprint are being published under Creative Commons
    license to encourage the broadest use, adoption and ongoing enhancement of
    those resources.

    We invite anyone interested in these topics to visit http://localisationdev.org/
    to survey the work to this point and to add their own knowledge, experience and
    comments to the mix. In particular, we invite you to:

    * View the wiki at http://wiki.localisationdev.org/ and add your knowledge.
    We've attempted to create pages aimed at different localisation audiences
    (including developers, eRiders, funders, and end users), but there is much to
    be done in completing and broadening these resources.
    * Visit Planet Localisation at http://planet.localisationdev.org/, check out the
    feeds and let us know of blogs we should be aggregating
    * Join the loc-dev mailing list and participate in discussions about creating
    software that's adaptable for a broader range of locales. To join, send email
    to: loc-dev-subscribe @lists.localisationdev.org or go to subscription page at

    We invite you to please forward this announcement to any appropriate lists,
    organisations and individuals. Thank you!
    The LocalisationDev Organisers

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