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Date: Mon Nov 29 2004 - 15:09:01 CST

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    Otoo Stolz asked:

    > In German, however, a ligature must not span a syllable break.
    > How should I code plain text, w.r.t. hyphenation and ligatures?
    > - "Huf" + ZWNJ + "lattich"
    > - "Huf" + SYH + "lattich"
    > - "Huf" + SYH + ZWNJ + "lattich"
    > - "Huf" + ZWNJ + SYH + "lattich"

    You should code it as:

    You then handle ligation suppression in a high-end rendering
    system either by exception dictionaries or by simply
    selecting "Huflattich" and setting a "ligaturing Off" property
    to suppress the "fl" ligation in that particular instance.

    There is no reason whatsoever to be agonizing about how to
    *convey* this level of detail -- in German, French, or
    whatever -- in plain text.

    If you are working with high end rendering where the exact
    details of the ligature rendering are of concern for your
    final presentation, then you are working with a rich text
    system, anyway, which has all kinds of tools for dealing with
    such issues. And hyphenation is typically done via higher
    level protocol (hyphenation engines using dictionaries), rather
    than trying to indicate hyphenation points explicitly in
    plain text that way.


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