Spammed by a list member!

From: Kevin Brown (
Date: Mon Nov 29 2004 - 16:59:48 CST

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    On Monday, 29 November 2004 at 8:52 AM, Dean Snyder wrote:

    >You are getting this email directly because Rick McGowan, the moderator
    >of the Unicode email list, sent me the following response concerning my
    >attempt to post the appended message to the Unicode email list:
    >>All threads on Phoenician have been closed on this mail list.
    >> -- Sarasvati
    >Personal email traffic could be avoided if we were merely allowed to
    >discuss this legitimate and timely Unicode issue on the Unicode email
    >list. In particular I would like responses from members of the Unicode
    >list to the 3 questions I raise in light of the German DIN rejection of a
    >separate encoding for Phoenician.
    >[The recipients of this email are merely some of those whose names I
    >recognize from reading their posts to the Unicode email list in 2003 or 2004.]

    Dear Dean

    I personally have not followed the Phoenician thread. While I can understand the
    frustration of having a discussion blocked (however valid or invalid the reason)
    I think the method you are choosing to continue it is unprofessional.

    Grabbing email addresses from our public list is something which I'm sure scores
    of spammers do every day. In your desperate enthusiasm for your cause, you have
    reduced yourself to their level. You have not even limited yourself to those
    involved in the original Phoenecian thread which might have been slightly less

    The correct procedure would have been for you to announce on the Unicode list
    that you are starting a seperate list moderated by you and invite people to join
    it on a voluntary basis. I'm sure Rick McGowan and Sarasvati would have had no
    objection to such a posting. (I'm sure they will also allow this one!)

    Kevin Brown

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