Keyboard Cursor Keys

From: Robert Finch (
Date: Mon Nov 29 2004 - 20:15:54 CST

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    This issue has probably been brought up before, but I was wondering how it was resolved. I see that there are no Unicode characters assigned for cursor/edit keys other than that which were originally in ascii ('return', 'tab', 'backspace', 'delete'). Could keys like 'cursor left', 'cursor up', 'Home', etc. be incorporated somewhere within the standard ? I know this probably goes against the ideal that Unicode is simply a font (ug wrong word here) mapping. But it would make the standard more practically applicable. I'm trying to implement a Unicode keyboard device, and I'd rather have keyboard processing dealing with genuine Unicode characters for the cursor keys, rather than having to use a mix of keyboard scan codes and Unicode characters.

    If there is an extended standard of some kind (eg UTF-16 ?) that supports this, could someone please point me to it.


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