Re: Unicode-Windows support in Mobile Phone

From: Donald Z. Osborn (
Date: Fri Jan 14 2005 - 00:59:42 CST

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    Mustafa, Thanks for asking this - I've been thinking of similar questions re
    mobile phones & handhelds and was trying to find time to phrase them into an

    I have read that some handhelds run Windows systems, and if I didn't mix brands
    up in my quick reading, the noted Treo 600 was rumored to be another candidate
    for same. Are these Unicode aware? Are other systems so? Handhelds in general
    (like desktops and laptop/notebooks) built around Unicode?

    Crossing the blurring boundary, are simple mobile phones with text display and
    messaging Unicode aware (none, some, all)?

    The question is more than academic. In Bamako, Mali one of the cellphone
    companies was putting AIDS awareness messages on the displays (in French I
    think, but that was never made clear), but if they want to do this in any of
    the maternal languages of the country they would have to use extended Latin
    characters (or maybe soon N'ko too!).

    Don Osborn

    Quoting Mustafa Jabbar <>:

    > I want to know if any mobile phone support Unicode based Windows operating
    > system including Bengali. I have developed Unicode based WinXPSP2 based
    > Bengali and I want to put the same solution on a Mobile Phone. If any other
    > application of any Mobile Phione supports that info will also ber welcomed.
    > Please also inform about the tools of porting the Unicode solution to mobile
    > technology.
    > Thanks and regards
    > Mustafa Jabbar

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