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From: John Hudson (
Date: Sun May 01 2005 - 12:20:25 CDT

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    David Ulbrich wrote:

    > Has anyone come accross the problem with accented/acuted vowels and
    > iota-vowels in Russian/Ukrainian/Belarusian...? Though only used in
    > textbooks and dictionaries as standard, the absence of these characters
    > brings about really difficult problems in printing, often solved in a
    > quite hardly acceptable way. Combining these characters with diacritic
    > combination signs really does not give good results, and I do believe
    > this would deserve separate signs.

    If you are relying on blind offset positioning for combining marks, then no, the results
    will not be good. You need to use fonts that either perform glyph level substitutions of
    precomposed combinations (so that the letter+mark character sequence is rendered as a
    single glyph) or glyph level dynamic positioning (so that the mark glyph is correctly
    placed relative to the letter glyph by means of an anchor attachment).

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