RE: Unicode Support in Adobe CS2

From: Mustafa Jabbar (
Date: Fri Jun 03 2005 - 02:35:45 CDT

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    Dear Eric,
    As I understand Windows XP SP has a .dll which is responsible for display of
    Unicode Glyphs and Codes. But we have found that Adobe applications only
    displays ?,if the code is beyond 256, the glyphas are not displayed. It
    means that Adobe has not gone beyond ASCII.
    Can you let us know when we shall be getting full Unicode support from
    Indic languages have almost 50% of the world's polpulation.
    Can Adobe ignore it?
    Mustafa Jabbar

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    Mustafa Jabbar wrote:

    >Recently Adobe has released Adobe CS2. Can anyone let me know if this suite
    >supports Unicode in general and Indian Languages.
    >I am particularly concerned about Bengali.
    Most of our applications now use Unicode to represent text internally
    (some started a long time ago, others are more recent converts). I
    believe that none of them properly renders the Indic scripts (in fact,
    none even attempts to do so).


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