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Date: Wed May 04 2005 - 04:32:38 CDT

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    Exactly as you say below, John. Hence the need for to say 'historically
    correct' in my previous msg.
    However, the main thrust of my original msg is that when a 'linguistic'
    site is advertised, it's a safe rule of thumb to search for a few pet
    keywords, of which probably all have some (for example 'Irish'), and, if
    something else has been substituted for said keyword(s), the chances
    that the source advertised will also have grasped the wrong end of the
    stick with regard to many other languages increase by 100 per cent and
    the danger of referencing it by the same percentage.


    John Hudson wrote:
    > Marion Gunn wrote:
    > > 6. 'Scotch' is called after the country to which it belongs.*
    > As a colonial aside to Marion's terminological summary, I'll note that while Scots in
    > Scotland call themselves Scots or Scottish, in the parts of Canada settled by Scots they
    > still call themselves Scotch.
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