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Date: Wed May 04 2005 - 17:40:29 CDT

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    Well beside this news, the new patented EchoView technology will certainly
    find its way in the multi-billion dollars markets for mltimedia
    applications. If it really compresses lossless images 30 times, it will be a
    very serious chalenger to MPEG2 and MPEG4 (and all related technologies
    whose licence costs are much more expensive)!

    I'm quite sure they are studying now an adaptation of the technology to
    compress video (3D compression) instead of just 2D images, as compressing
    each image individually 30 times may still be poor face to the possible
    compressions based on coherences across successive image frames. This could
    mean a lossless compression with a factor or 50 for video, much better than
    what MPEG4 (and related technologies like DivX 6 and Microsoft WMV-HD)
    proposes for now!

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    > May be if engineers here work with Arvind Thiagarajan,
    > a Tamil engineer, now in Singapore, they can compress
    > Unicode few orders of magnitude higher ?!
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