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Date: Wed May 11 2005 - 19:58:26 CDT

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    Subject: support of numbers

    > I need to support telephone numbers (0-9) in an multilingual application.

    What kind of application? Printing address cards?

    > I would like to know if I miss some numbers, if in the Ethiopic case I can
    > assume that the first 10 values are 0-9 and how do Kharoshthi support
    > decimal entries?
    > deep thanks.
    > jfc

    I would not assume that the values 1-10 are the values 0-9.

    I don't know if the Ethiopians try to write telephone numbers with ethiopian
    but if they did I would expect them to do it the chinese/japanese way: use
    the english zero.

    You missed the chinese digits:

    0, 一、二、三、四、五、六、七、八、九。

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