RE: Full Unicode Computer Keyboard

From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Thu May 12 2005 - 04:19:12 CDT

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    At 14:37 +0600 2005/05/12, Mustafa Jabbar wrote:
    >In my opinion other languages can find out similiar approaches which might
    >be very specific to that particular language.

    Yet another methods for standard keyboards that comes to mind, might
    be to use the left and right modifier keys independently. My ISO
    keyboard has four modifiers, shift, control, alt and command, giving
    a maximum of 16 alterations of each key. If left and right modifiers
    are used independently, there are a maximum of 256 alterations for
    each key. One may not want to turn to such an approach, but in a
    script with many characters at hand, this might be better than using
    combination keys.

       Hans Aberg

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