Re: Corrections to Glagolitic

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Sat May 14 2005 - 15:19:36 CDT

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    From: "Jon Hanna" <>
    >> Putting on my mystic hat (it has fur, antlers, and bones, and is
    >> extremely uncomfortable :-), I would argue that encoding
    >> variants that
    >> serve sacred or mystical uses dishonors those uses by
    >> standardizing them
    >> and tying them to the needs of nonbelievers.
    > Some such associations are still oathbound. We can hardly make the Unicode
    > Standard something that can only be read by initiates.

    Can you read the hidden text in this text?

    Un nénuphar in-
    colore ornait
    des étangs.

    Tip: use the first letter of each "word", taking into account the
    presentation that includes a wordbreak, and you'll read "Unicodé".

    This seems the same issue as for the text shown using one of the ambiguous
    "H46h3r5 A1ph463t5". It will be easy to read with some font styles, or
    difficult to guess with others... However this difficulty is WANTED by the
    original writer, and has to be preserved in the encoded text. Meaning that
    the font style is not coded, or coded out-of-band ON PURPOSE.

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