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Date: Sun May 15 2005 - 21:39:27 CDT

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    Hi all

    as far as arrogance concerned it may not be the target of human behaviour and nature for example i too called arrogant by my mates both family and frends cos i dont want to mingle freely with them ,   it is my nature ... but they dont know i never consider anyone less then me i think all persons are equal made by God and they possess same qualities .....and arrogance is only blame on me if we understand nature of humans we can restrict us according to nature

    Arrogance is only the behaviour of thinking other not equal to us .

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    >Michael Everson wrote:
    >>I am not sure at whom this particular ad-hominem attack is aimed,
    >>but it does not seem appropriate. I, for instance, have many times
    >>been called "arrogant" by people who ignore the fact that I have
    >>always been quite happy to admit when I was wrong.
    >Charges of arrogance are not necessarily a criticism of how one
    >behaves when one is wrong: often they are a criticism of how one
    >behaves when one is right.
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