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Date: Wed May 18 2005 - 08:33:29 CDT

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    > On 18/05/2005 12:49, Alexander Kh. wrote:
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    > > For those out there who are mathematicians, here is a nice one to
    > > think about:
    > > take any Letopis (year book) and read something like "V'' LETO >
    > ..." 6857 (numbers
    > > written as letters) which corresponds to year 1349 in this >
    > example. Please don't
    > > hesitate to take a calculator and check that 2005-1349=656 and
    > 6857+656=7513.
    > > If the writing came from Greece, where did the calendar come from???
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > This dating of years is not a pagan survival, but a dating from the
    > Creation commonly used in the Byzantine Empire. See
    > :

    That's exactly what any Christian will say. They say it is years since
    Adam. And That's exactly what Jewish calendar is keeping track of.
    Now, let's come back to calculators. According to the Jewish calendar,
    today is year 5765. 7513-5765=1748 years difference, I am sorry.
    Some say that one calendar is since Adam and the other since the cre-
    ation of World, and this would suggest that there is a relation between
    7 days of creation and mystirious number 1748. 1748/7=249.71... Hm...
    I day of creation = 249.71 years? From what I learned in Seminary in
    Russia, the year 1748 in our calendar is the year corresponding to the
    war described in Mahabharata.

    By the way, it is a well-known fact that Sanskrit (Samskrit, Samo-Skritiy)
    was brought to India by Arians who came from North with the Vedas, and
    the word Veda means "knowledge" in Slavic languages (see also verb "vedat'"
    which means "to know");

    It is also well known that so-called "Etruscan" script predates Latin and
    Greek scripts. It would be a big stretch to say that "Northern Pagans" were
    illiterate. I would say they were defeated, and the memory of them has been,
    for centuries, and still is being destroyed right now in this very discussion.

    Best regards,

    Alexander Kh.

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