Glagolitic in Unicode 4.1

From: Страхиња Радић (
Date: Wed May 18 2005 - 11:09:27 CDT

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            I have recently found out that the Glagolitic script has been
    officially encoded in Unicode. In a quick glance through the standard
    ( I saw that there is no upper- and
    lower-case version of the character ``yeriy'', despite Mr. Everson's proposal
    N1931, which states that `` relates to a *unitary* Cyrillic letter...''. I
    am curious how is the lack of ``yeriy'' argumented, and I hope that you would
    explain to me how the current version of the Glagolitic standard as a whole was
    accepted. In my opinion, proposal N1931 was much better regarding the order and
    the naming of characters, and the presence of ``yeriy'', and the present
    encoded version contains some graphic variations of characters, ie. ``SHTAPIC''
    (why not ``PALOCHKA'' or ``STICK''?) is actually square Glagolitic soft sign,
    and the ``LATINATE MYSLITE'' is a graphic variation (which should be expressed
    font-wise, not standard-wise!) of ``MYSLITE''. By the way, what does
    ``LATINATE'' mean and in what language? Also, there are inconsistencies with
    the Cyrillic part of Unicode, such as ``SMALL LETTER IOTATED SMALL YUS'',
    which, in my opinion should be ``SMALL LETTER IOTIFIED LITTLE YUS'', to be
    compatible with the Cyrillic counterpart.

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            Strahinya Radich,
            student at the Belgrade Faculty of Mathematics

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