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Date: Wed May 18 2005 - 16:27:05 CDT

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    Alexander Kh. wrote:

    > In fact, what Did the Christian monks invent? Think about it. People of the
    > North did not convert easily. There is much evidence of that in the fact
    > that many "pagan" traditions were adopted by Christianity. One of them is
    > use of idols and icons: using or even making those are strictly prohibited
    > by Bible in 10 commandments. Is not a Cross with a God on it an idol?

    According to orthodox Christian understanding, it is only an idol if it is the object
    itself that is worshipped.

    The serious flaw in your history is that icons did not originate in Slavic lands as any
    kind of pagan remnant. They had already been a feature of Byzantine Christianity for
    several hundred years before the mission to the Slavs.

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