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From: Eric Muller (
Date: Wed May 18 2005 - 18:26:34 CDT

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    Johannes Bergerhausen wrote:

    > And you can easily calculate the weight of a paper or a flyer,
    > because the paper is given in g/m².

    For a given type of paper, the computations are about similar on both
    sides of the Atlantic:

    At 75g/m2, what's the weight of an A4 piece: 75/2^4 = 4.51g.

    At 20lb, what's the weight of an 8.5 x 11 piece: 20 * 16 / (4 * 500) =
    0.16 oz = 4.536 g.

    Of course, you have to know that the "20lb" is the weight of 500 sheets
    of 17x22 paper (and that there are 16 oz in a lb). But if you multiply
    all the constants, you simply need to remember that the paper weight
    multiplied by .008 gives the weight of the paper (in onces).

    The bad news is that the multiplier depends on the type of paper
    (because different sheet sizes and number of sheets are used depending
    on the type). You can take care of that by remembering that 20 lb bound
    ~ 50 lb offset ~ 28 lb cover ~ 46 lb tag ~ 42 lb index ~ 75 g/m2. Isn't
    it easy?


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