Re: ASCII and Unicode lifespan

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Thu May 19 2005 - 06:37:00 CDT

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    On 19/05/2005 07:50, Alexander Kh. wrote:

    > ...
    >>There is no 8-bit character set that supports both English and
    >>Russian; the standard Russian character sets don't support accented
    >>English characters. Besides which, it's rare that you have a large
    >>stream of "English" data without any Spanish, French or German. I'm
    >>sure Serbian, Ukranian and other odd letters slip into Russian text as
    >>names and other ways.
    >Koi8-C is not to bad. ...

    It may support Russian, Ukranian, Belorussian, Serbian and Macedonian,
    but it does not support Tatar, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, or almost any of the many
    other non-Slavic languages using Cyrillic script. In fact these
    languages are mostly not supported by any code pages, but only by
    Unicode. And some of them have user communities of many millions.

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