Re: ASCII and Unicode lifespan

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Fri May 20 2005 - 10:48:34 CDT

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    From: "Hans Aberg" <>
    > At 12:54 +0100 2005/05/20, Peter Kirk wrote:
    >>>So far, Unicode hasn't encoded any fantasy scripts.
    >>Well, Klingon has been rejected, but Deseret and Shavian have been encoded
    >>although I am unaware of any non-fantasy use of these scripts, and Tengwar
    >>and Cirth, which are certainly fantasy scripts, are roadmapped.
    > I tend to think that Unicode should supply more character number ranges.
    > The fundamental range should be dedicated to mainly natural languages.
    > Then one could supply some ranges with less restrictive admission
    > procedures.

    I know several people around me that use Tengwar everyday in their letters.
    May be it's fantasy, but they also participate in other places than just the
    Internet, and I can easily find small publications using Tengwar as the only
    supported script, to write French or English, in addition to litterary
    transcriptions of languages invented in famous books for fictious aliens.

    I can't say alot about Cirth, because I've never seen it. Tengwar is so
    beautiful to look at, with its Brahmic Dravidian-style letter forms (some
    people confuse this script with Tamil), and it is easily drawn with just any
    pen on a paper sheet. The users of this script also say that they can
    handwrite faster with it than with the Latin script, and they like it too
    because it uses a simplified phonetic-based orthography, which is easier to
    read and spell.

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