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Date: Wed May 25 2005 - 05:35:05 CDT

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    Alec McAllister wrote:
    > Citing movies as evidence usually weakens, rather than strengthens, any
    > historical argument.

    I agree, that was not a good example. I just wanted to illustrate how musical
    instruments can be outlawed - which is inconceivable in modern society - and
    was common in medieval times. I am sure more and more evidence of pre-Christian
    writing will be discovered with time, as it is merely impossible to destroy all
    of them even having the enormous Power the Christian Church has had over centuries.

    Even what has been found so far makes one wonder about Slavs' illiteracy.
    Some 952 of Novgorod's birch-bark letters have been found dating from XI-XV
    centuries, since year 1951, when the first one was discovered. One curious study
    shows that there are some 430 male Old-Russian names (as opposed to Christian)
    mentioned on those documents.'s%202

    The very casual style of those letters makes very doubtful the idea that just one
    or two centuries ago there was absolutely no writing whatsoever on that land. In
    fact, older sources of Cyrillic alphabet have been found, that pre-date Cyrill.
    Not to mention great diversity of knotwork and ornaments which also conveyed
    complex messages in graphical forms. And why do we always put aside Etruscan script
    and Runes when talking about Slavic Roots?

    Best Regards,

    Alexander Kh.

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