Re: browser encoding settings

From: Paul Hastings (
Date: Tue May 31 2005 - 00:36:03 CDT

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    Dean Harding wrote:
    > Like most character set conversions, they probably convert it from
    > whatever the source encoding is to some form of Unicode (usually
    > whatever is most convenient for the platform), and then into whatever
    > output encoding they wanted (in this case UTF-8).

    i'm not sure that's true for yahoo. we've had numerous headaches sending
    utf-8 mail to their users. from what we were able to tease out of their
    html it looks like the encoding is dependent on "where" the yahoo mail
    server is. some "US" servers don't seem to have any html encoding hints
    at all, "Chinese" servers seem to use GB2312, etc. users have had to
    manually swap their browser's encoding, usually messing up the rest of
    the yahoo content around the email. we couldn't find any official yahoo
    docs on this (though maybe we didn't look hard enough or in the right
    places). we more or less gave up on it and included an idiotic "if you
    can't read this email...." tag.

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