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Date: Tue May 31 2005 - 15:47:00 CDT

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    Дана 2005.05.31 22:42, Michael Everson је написао:
    > >It is used in some Serbo-slavic texts from from the XIX century.
    > Ah. Can you supply evidence? And does it contrast
    > with dotted i? (Irish texts in Gaelic script use
    > an i without a dot, but it is not the "Turkic
    > dotless i", it's just a glyph variant of i.

            I will try to contact some people, and will supply exact pointers in a
    few days.

    > > 3) Why ``SHTAPIC'' and not ``PALOCHKA'' or ``STICK''? And could
    > >explain to me what is the use of this character?
    > It's used in the Balkans, not in Russia, so a
    > Balkan Slavic name was used. It is some sort of
    > soft sign if I recall.

            Is it really (Old) Slavic? ``Штапић'' is a modern Serbian and Croatian
    word (BTW, it should read ``SHTAPITCH'', with ``TSHE'', not ``TSE'' at the
    end), but I doubt it is Old Slavic. And again, if ``SHTAPIC'' is a soft sign,
    then it is another example of variant font-only forms encoded in Unicode. At
    least it reminds me of square Glagolitic soft sign.

            Best regards,

    Because *freedom* matters!

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