Re: Arabic encoding model

Date: Sun Jul 03 2005 - 18:13:43 CDT

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    From: "Richard Wordingham" <>
    > Ashraf Sadek wrote (and I apologise for mangling the name before):

    No problem.

    > > From: "Richard Wordingham" <>
    > In the long term it should not matter - the addition of new letters
    > should slow to a very slow trickle. Once a letter is supported, it
    > is probably better for it not to be decomposable - unless there is
    > a significant impact on font design.

    In the long term we will all be dead. In the meantime, people needing new letters have to wait years for them.

    You can immediately recompose a letter+combining marks in new font technologies into a precomposed glyph. No sweat. More flexibility.

    Greetings and thank you for your insights,

    Ashraf Sadek

    St Elias Coptic Community

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