Font companies serving academia/linguists

From: Donald Z. Osborn (
Date: Sun Jul 03 2005 - 21:18:18 CDT

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    Noting the recent release of a Unicode version of the AfroRoman font by
    Linguist's Software and the apparent evolution of Ecological Linguistics Fonts
    (an outfit I was not previously aware of) to Unicode versions, I'm wondering
    what can be said generally about the use of the Unicode standard by font
    developers/companies who focus on serving the academic community and especially
    linguists. (Has this lagged with regard to adoption of Unicode? Or on the
    contrary has it been at cutting edge? Or has this relative position changed?
    Are these operations pretty much isolated [as it sometimes seems] from other
    commercial and open-source operations?)

    I'm looking mainly at the other side of the equation - linguists/academics and
    their use of Unicode - and often as not linguists, like specialists in other
    fields and the general public, use what's available or stay with what they had
    initial success with years ago. So the role of suppliers seems more or less as
    important of that of demand for at least "routine" academic work with diverse
    languages (by which I mean all the teaching and research uses short of special
    projects like online dictionaries).

    Any comments or thoughts are welcome. TIA...

    Don Osborn

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