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Date: Mon Jul 04 2005 - 20:55:32 CDT

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    > How many of these risks are the results of rules (stability pact
    > for instance) Unicode sets itself? (Paints itself in a corner or more
    > gently makes things more complex for minority user communities)

    I'm not aware of any instance in which a UTC decision was made with the
    intent to make things more complex for minority user communities. Some
    decisions may have, in some way, made things more complex for minority
    user communities, but the decisions were made for separate reasons.

    The stability policy on normalization was a major factor in the decision
    not to adopt encoding of generative Arabic marks. That policy was
    adopted by the Consortium because there was strong indication from other
    industry bodies, such as the IETF, that such a policy was absolutely
    essential for Unicode to be adopted. It was a pragmatic issue, then:
    adopting a normalization stability policy removes opportunity to
    improve/correct prior decisions, but enables widespread adoption of the
    standard, while refusing to adopt such a policy gives freedom to revise
    a standard that gets ignored by major sectors of industry (meaning it
    has pretty much failed).

    Peter Constable

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