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Date: Wed Jul 06 2005 - 14:59:03 CDT

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    S. Srivas wrote:

    >I do not think you know about Tamil Grammar.

    M. Everson wrote:

    No, I know about the structure of the world's writing systems.

    S. Srivas wrote:

    >The alphabet structre has it Grammar rules.

    M. Everson wrote:

    Writing systems have structure. Orthographies organize the elements
    of writing systems. "Grammar" is not a word that can be applied here.

    "The precedence of grammar over the script is a hallmark of Indian writing system. Long before there was any script, they had developed the concept of letters (aksara), consonants (vyanjana) and vowels (svara). Phonetic analysis of 'mantras' and its recitation from generation to generation was transferred orally in the absence of any writing system. Therefore, we see a systematic arrangement of letters in the script."
    Prakash, P. and Joshi, R. Malatesha. Orthography and Reading In Kannada: A Dravidian Language. In Insup Tayor and David Olson. ed. Scripts and Literacy:Reading and Learning to Read Alphabets, Syllabaries and Characters. 1995. Kluwer. Dordrecht.
    There is more than one point of view on the relationship between grammar and orthography.
    Suzanne McCarhy



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