RE: Arabic encoding model (alas, static!)

From: Bob Hallissy (
Date: Wed Jul 06 2005 - 15:49:53 CDT

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    On 2005-07-06 07:54:04 PM "Peter Constable" wrote:

    >> From: [] On
    >> Behalf Of Richard Wordingham
    >> In his postings on the 3rd
    >> ( and
    >> (, Bob
    >> Hallissy referred to a more recent proposal for a 'generative
    >> I think this is what Ashraf is asking about.
    >Such a proposal has never been submitted to WG2.

    This may be quite confusing for some. So to try to head off confusion:

    The idea of a generative encoding for Arabic was discussed and debated by
    the UTC over the course of at least a year and a half (Jan 2002 through
    to as late as June 2003). This is the "recent proposal" to which I
    referred. In the end, however, this particular proposal was rejected by
    the UTC and therefore never incorporated into anything that the WG2 would
    see and act on.

    So when someone asks about WG2 discussion of Arabic encoding, the only
    relevant history is much older: thus on 2005-07-06 07:52:53 PM "Peter
    Constable" wrote:

    >In October of 1989, WG2 accepted the recommendations of an ECMA task
    >force on Arabic encoding. The ECMA task force was responsible for
    >8859-6. WG2 never considered encoding Arabic using a generative model
    >because it was never proposed to them.

    Hope this helps...


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