Re: Back to Coptic (was: Demystifying the Politburo)

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Fri Jul 08 2005 - 13:36:56 CDT

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    John Hudson a écrit :

    > I basically agree, and withdraw my suggestion. The risk of seeing two
    > bars would be easily avoided in a font that included the bar in the
    > SHIMA SIMA glyph, but I accept Michael's argument about consistency
    > within Coptic *as encoded*. If I'd been involved earlier, I might have
    > queried the need for the SHIMA SIMA character at all, but there it is,

    Canada opposed its inclusion (but accepted other abbreviations) and
    remained unconvinced at the end of the ad hoc meeting.

    This is public knowledge as it is recorded in a publicly available WG2

    Personnaly, I still think this symbol should have a bar on top : I think
    no other symbol is divided like this, it is not a series of letters
    being abbreviated, it is already an abbreviation by itself (as a glyph

    But, as said, « discussing » this calmly is extremely difficult.

    P. .A

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