Re: CLDR plural handling info?

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Fri Jul 08 2005 - 17:46:13 CDT

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    What CLDR does have is provision for some particular cases: for the use of
    different forms of months, depending on context: either stand-alone ("July")
    or within formats ("July 1, 1942"); for the use of currency formats that
    change according to the value of the number (see the formats for INR); and
    for exceptional titlecasing of language display names.

    It would be extremely complex to describe all the mechanisms used for
    forming arbitrary noun plurals in any particular language; and that does not
    speak to more complex declinations of nouns or adjectives. What is it
    exactly that you are looking for -- can you give an example?


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    > Hi,
    > In the CLDR 1.3 data there is no field describing which plural
    > handling method should be used when generating messages for the
    > given locale. Why?
    > Is it because there are no user interface messages in the CLDR?
    > IMO it would be a good idea if the CLDR project in addition to
    > the LDML format would also provide a message catalog format.
    > But then of course plural handling data should be included in
    > the CLDR.
    > Theo

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