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From: Eric Muller (
Date: Tue Jul 12 2005 - 21:20:17 CDT

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    I am looking at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Armenian
    (<>) and I have a couple of questions:

    - the occurrences of ":" should be U+0589 ։ ARMENIAN FULL STOP, right?

    - there is something that looks like a middle dot (e.g. page 2, middle
    of second line, towards the end of the third line); what character is this?

    - TUS 4.0, p180 says that the mijaket is represented by U+2024 ․ ONE DOT
    LEADER. Is that the actual practice, or do people use U+002C , COMMA?

    - on page 2, in the box, beginning of the 8th line, there is a « but no
    matching ». Is that a typo? If so, where should the matching » go? If
    not, what is its purpose?

    - page 8, 5th line from the bottom (1st line of article 17), the
    penultimate word end with what looks like a grave accent. Is this U+055D

    - I suppose that the text of the UDHR proper starts on page 4, with the
    first two lines meaning "Universal Declaration of Human Rights", and the
    third line meaning "Preamble". Correct?

    - can somebody tell me very roughly what the first three pages say?

    - finally, I placed a first at a Unicode version at
    <>. Comments welcome.


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